Die Hits 1920 Charts

Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - Whispering
Al Jolson - Swanee
Ted Lewis & His Band - When My Baby Smiles at Me
Al Jolson - You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet
John Steel - The Love Nest
Charles Harrison - I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time
Al Jolson - I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now
Elizabeth Spencer & Charles Hart - Let the Rest of the World Go By
Art Hickman & His Orchestra - Hold Me
Van & Schenck - After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It
Art Hickman & His Orchestra - Peggy
Marion Harris - St. Louis Blues
Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra - That Naughty Waltz
Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - The Japanese Sandman
Art Hickman & His Orchestra - Tell Me, Little Gypsy
Bert Williams - When the Moon Shines on the Moonshine
Mamie Smith & Her Jazz Hounds - Crazy Blues
The Kentucky Serenaders - Rose of Washington Square 
Art Hickman & His Orchestra - The Love Nest
Irving Kaufman & Jack Kaufman - Nobody Knows

Marion Harris - Sweet Mama
Isham Jones & His Orchestra - Kismet 
Ted Lewis & His Band - I'll See You in C-U-B-A
Charles Harrison - Pretty Kitty Kelly
Nora Bayes - Just Like a Gypsy
Charles Harrison - I'll Be with You in Apple Blossom Time
Art Hickman & His Orchestra - Sweet and Low
John Steel - Tell Me, Little Gypsy
Billy Murray - I'll See You in C-U-B-A
Carl Fenton and His Orchestra - Cuban Moon
John McCormack - That Tumble-Down Shack in Athlone
Henry Burr & Albert Campbell - I'll Be with You in Apple Blossom Time
Eddie Cantor - You'd Be Surprised
Mabel Garrison - Hymn to the Sun
Bert Williams - Ten Little Bottles
The Paul Biese Trio & Frank Crumit - Chili Bean
Al Jolson - Tell Me
Frank Crumit - Oh! By Jingo! Oh! By Gee!
Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra - Yellow Dog Blues
The Paul Biese Trio - Mystery


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