Slayer Diskografie
Slayer CDs
1983 Show No Mercy    [MP3]
1985 Hell Awaits   [MP3]
1986 Reign in Blood   [MP3]
1988 South of Heaven   [MP3]
1990 Seasons in the Abyss   [MP3]
1994 Divine Intervention   [MP3]
1996 Undisputed Attitude   [MP3]
1998 Diabolus in Musica  [MP3]
1999 Live Undead/Haunting the chappel   [MP3]
2001 God Hates Us All  [MP3]
2006 Christ Illusion  [MP3]
Slayer Live-CDs´und Sampler
1984 Live Undead   [MP3]
1998 Stain of Mind   [MP3]
1991 Decade of Aggression  [MP3]
2003 Soundtrack to the Apocalypse   [MP3]

Slayer Singles, EP etc.
1984 Haunting the Chapel (EP)   [MP3]
1990 Postmortem   [MP3]
1991 Seasons of the Abyss   [MP3]
1995 Serenity in Murder (EP)   [MP3]
2006 Eternal Pyre  [MP3]
2006 Eyes of the insane  [MP3]
Slayer DVD & Viideos
1991 Live at Wembley 
1995 Live Intrusion
2003 War at the Warfield
2004 Still Reigning
2006 Christ Illusion CD+DVD